Salkmonium Yanvee is a hero in HPP (game). He loves violence and to kill stuff (that need to be killed, he wont kill his friends, for example). He strongly dislikes (and can't wear) armor, and loves shoes. Do not say that he is wearing pants, though, he is, by the way.


  • HP: 56 (+28 each level)
  • Attack: 4 (+2 each level)
  • Defense: 0
  • Speed: 1 (+0.025 each level)
  • Dodge Chance: 10%
  • Regeneration: 2.10 (+1.05 each level)


Passive (Always-on)Edit


  • Increases Regeneration by 3 for every skill point put in this skill.


  • Increases Dodge Chance by 3% for every skill point put in this skill.


  • Increases Speed by 3.55 for every skill point put in this skill.


  • 0.5% chance to do a double hit for each skill point in this skill.


  • 3% chance to do a critical hit that deals 2x damage for each skill point. Each skill point increases critical damage by 0.15x.


  • Normal
    • Slash (Basic Ability): Deals 80% of Attack damage. Each skill point increases the amount of Attack used by 2%. It has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds, which is decreased by 0.015 for each skill point.
    • Double Hit (Intermediate Ability): Deals 85% of Attack damage up to 2 enemies in a 45º arc. Each skill point increases Attack used by 3%. It has a cooldown of 0.95 second, reduced by 0.025 for each skill point.
  • Fire
    • Frenzy (Advanced Ability): Every allies' speed is increased 50% (+3% for each skill point) for 10 seconds (+the skill points). It has a cooldown of 45 seconds.


  • This is not yet completed.